Monday, July 26, 2010

I love my Wii Fit Plus

So I bought a Wii Fit Plus for my Nintendo Wii console in June.
Not a money-saving action obviously. It was about 3,000lps with a good discount.
However one month and a bit more after having purchased it I still think it was a good move. Here are the reasons:
1) I thought about purchasing it since about more than a year ago. So it was a well thought purchase. Not an impulse buy.
2) The girls love it and use it almost every day. Not many games attract girls like the Wii Fit.
3) It promotes family activities, competition and mutual congratulation. When was the last time a video game told you while you were playing your game, that your daughter did a great game and you should congratulate her? Wii Fit does that.
4) It tracks all your workout activity, minutes worked (real minutes worked, not setup or warmups), weight, time of day, type of exercise,BMI, it does all the math for you.
5) It's veeeeery patient. The digital instructors never urge you and never lose temper, they always find ways to give the bad news on a positive light, usually saying "You can improve your posture if you do these exercise routinely, great work!"
6) You can exercise by simulating other activities not just gym stuff. Tight-rope walking, hula-hooping, bicycling, skate boarding, snow-ball fight, skying, flying like a chicken (yeah silly but fun).
7) you can exercise seriously too. Yoga, strength, step and other aerobic exercise are there too.
8) After many days of not using it myself, it had tips on what to do on it if I was in a hurry, really cool and a motivating event.
9) It can be set to spanish or english so anyone in the family can play.
10) Being right there in my room makes me think of using it more than if I had to drive to a gym with the right clothes,etc..etc
Any thoughts?