Friday, November 9, 2012

Some sort of update

At this point i'm left with credit card debt with BAC, Banpais and HSBC.
Banpais is my main helper with a low rate (relatively low) in the 20's. I don't use the card I just pay the debt I transferred to it.
BAC is my main card for paying my girl's school, and I had converted another one for some gas benefits. After two months I stopped using it because the benefits had a really low cap so it wasn't all that. I'm going to cancel it probably this month.
HSBC is the one on my sights now. Today I got a call from BAC offering me up to 285k lps at 19.56% which is relatively low compared to 60% regular rate on cards and 35% regular rate on extrafinancing on cards. I requested the money right away to pay for HSBC and consolidate my debt even more.
On the income side, I'm still working for the US company, although more in the background now as the have an on-site person. I'm somewhat worried that comming January they might let me go. I still do important work and I have a good relationship with the on-site person but I've always seem things change on January and I rather worry and have it not happen than the other way around.
I'm also generating some additional income via a local company here that I provide support via phone and remote access tools, that's around $300/month, not much but it helps. Also my ex-boss on the US company contacted me again to help him manage some other servers in two different companies. I'm using automated tools to keep things under watch. The benefit with him is that he insists on paying me weekly, so I have quick income every monday for expenses, leaving most of the other income to pay for my debt. I'm still trying to figure things out.
My oldest daughter told me that she notices i'm not so strict with spending anymore. It's a warning sign for me, but on the other hand I like that they feel that i'm reasonable. They've learned to explain to me the reason for their expenses and they have purchased some things thru savings or selling stuff, doing work, etc. The wife is still fighting me at times when she doesn't get what she wants. Right now i'm just hunkering down and waiting for a better financial position to be able to make some sort of decision on our relationship.
Christmas is comming and I hate the season, but I will try to make it easy on everyone else by asking for no gifts or have them donate the money they would've spent on me.