Monday, October 27, 2008

Comments on Driving for Dollars

Last time I totally forgot to write the translation for my english post about driving for dollars. But I think that post was just interesting for english speaking people that would like a bilingual "driver".
I received a total of two comments, one saying that it was a good idea to drive english speaking and maybe even spanish speaking people around. I would say that my edge is the bilingual part. A spanish speaking person can hire a taxi for a day for less than what I would like to charge. Well there is an interesting question. What should I charge per day for driving people around Tegus and surrounding towns ? That would be what should I charge beside the vehicle rental and fuel cost ? I'm very happy that the fuel price is comming down :-)
The other comment was even broader. I was told to do a sort of "concierge" service for foreigners. As usual I do not ignore those comments and did a bit of research. It would be a interesting thing to do. The one thing is that I would probably need to do that during the week, and right now I'm hoping that my great best friend will come thru and get me a part time job for my mornings. So if that doesn't materialize, then I could try to be a "conserje" which is what I think concierge means in spanish. I know banks, I know stores, restaurants, etc, and some of the stuff I don't know at least I know who to call. I'll keep this idea in the back burner.
Summing it up , thanks for your comments. You give me strength to keep going.
By the way i'm still driving my girls to school every weekday at 6:30am. My wife helps me on tuesdays and wednesdays. However I like to do it because my mornings last longer and I get to talk to my girls while we drive to school.
Lately i've felt all sorts of feelings about my debt. I think I will write about that soon. It drives me nuts.
Well at least this blog is free.
La ultima ves se me olvido escribir la traduccion de mi ultima narrativa acerca de manejar para obtener dolares. Pero pienso que esa narrativa posiblemente solo sea interesante para personas que solo hablan ingles y que necesitarian un chofer bilingue.
Recibi un total de dos comentarios, uno decia que era buena idea llevar en automovil a personas que solo hablan ingles e inclusive personas que hablan espanol. Yo diria que mi ventaja competitiva es la parte bilingue. Una persona que habla espanol podria contratar un taxi por un dia por menos de lo que yo podria cobrar. Bueno esa es una pregunta interesante. Cuanto deberia cobrar por un dia de conducir a personas por Tegucigalpa y pueblos cercanos? Es decir cuanto cobrar ademas del costo de la renta de automovil y combustible ? Estoy muy feliz de que el precio de combustible esta bajando :-)
El otro comentario fue mas general. Me decian que hiciera un servicio de tipo "concierge" para extranjeros. Como siempre, no ignoro estos comentarios e hice mi investigacion al respecto. Seria algo interesant de hacer. La unica cosa es que probablemente tendria que hacer este trabajo durante la semana, y actualmente estoy esperando a que mi mejor amigo me consiga un trabajo de medio tiempo para trabajar las mañanas. Si lo de mi amigo no se materiliza, entonces creo que el trabajo de "conserje", que es la traduccion que creo apropiada para concierge en español. Conozco de bancos, conozco de tiendas, restaurantes, etc y lo que no conozco por lo menos se de gente que lo conoce y que yo podria llamar. Mantendre esta idea de ser concierge en mi mente.
En resumen gracias por sus comentarios. Me dan mas fuerza para seguir adelante.
Por cierto, sigo llevando a mis hijas a la escuela todos los dias a las 6:30am. Mi esposa me ayuda los martes y jueves. Sin embargo me gusta hacerlo a mi porque mis mañanas duran mas y logro hablar con mis hijas mientras vamos a la escuela.
Ultimamente he sentido todo tipo de sentimientos acerca de mis deudas. Pienso que escribire acerca de eso pronto. Me vuelve loco.
Bueno, por lo menos este blog es gratis.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Driving for dollars

So many things have been going on at work and at home. October is such a busy month for me always. too many people have birthdays, including me. More on that in a comming post. Also the constant rains have damaged our roads and killed and displaced so many people that keeping stuff working is a full time task. You can read about how the country is doing on our local newspapers online. La Gringa's blogcito has many links to them. Please visit her blog.
Recently I was wondering. When English-speaking people come to Tegucigalpa it's hard for them to get around the city. Usually they are business people so they go from the hotel to the business location and back during the week. Probably a local coworker takes them to lunch and/or dinner. Some of them stay the weekend.
There is also a group of English-speaking people that are living in Tegus and don't go out much or are in Tegus from another city in Honduras.
In any case I figure there are a number of people during the weekends that would like to have someone drive them around Tegus and surrounding cities.
Do you think it would be a good idea to drive people around the city on weekends on a nice car? sort of a bilingual driver/guide.
The only drawback is that it would cut time from spending with my family. But then again I don't think I would have offers to drive every weekend.
I could rent a busito (which is a like a mini van) and drive people around and charge them the rent, fuel and some dollars for my services. Or if they want a regular sedan car or a 4x4 then the charge would reflect that based on the rent price.
What do you think? I'm just getting a lot of ideas in my mind and I just want to get out of this hole one way or the other. If you have any other ideas just let me know. Right now i'm pretty much open to do anything for money (anything legal that is) that I can do well. Hell I wouldn't mind trying to fish crabs in the Bering sea or drive a truck on the ice roads (watch Discovery or History channel) if I could get paid some good money LOL.
Anyway, at least this blog is free. Can't wait to hear from you.  

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The bait not taken


Honduras' national soccer team won again. This time 3-1 playing against Canada. The "If Honduras wins you eat free" offer was up again, This time I was not falling for it, Ha! Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice, i'm a glutton for pain.

No this time we spent the next day enjoying some really free food at my mom's house since it was her birthday. I did buy her a present and spent more than I wanted to, but it's hard to be cheap (or "frugal") when buying for mom. I would say that I settled for the middle-priced present and she liked it. We spent all sunday afternoon at her house, which is two blocks from my house, eating and drinking until very late.

I want to thank the people that leave comments and give me support to continue. Some even try to help by trying to get work for me. I really appreciate that. Muchas Gracias!

Now you can skip the rest or read on if you want to practice your spanish. This is my first attempt at a bilingual post

Hola, que raro debe ser leerme en español! Varios amigos, pero en especial La Gringa, me habian pedido que escribira mis narrativas en español. Asi talves otros que tienen problemas financieros como yo se podrian identificar. Este es mi primer intento de hacer esto en ambos idiomas. Comenzamos!


La seleccion nacional de futbol de Honduras gano de nuevo. Esta ves fue 3-1 contra Canada. La promocion de "Si Honduras gana comemos gratis" salio de nuevo. Esta ves no cai en esa trampa, jaja! La primera ves cai por tonto, ya la segunda es que seria masoquista.

No, esta ves pasamos el dia disfrutando comida gratis en la casa de mi mama ya que era su cumpleaños. Le compre un regalo pero gaste mas de lo que queria, pero es dificil ser baratero con mi mama. Diria que le compre un regalo de precio intermedio, y lo mas importante fue que le gusto. Estuvimos todo el domingo en su casa, que esta ubicada a dos cuadras de mi casa. Estuvimos comiendo y bebiendo hasta tarde ese dia.

Quiero agradecer a las personas que dejan comentarios y me da apoyo para continuar. Algunos hasta tratan de conseguirme trabajo. De verdad se los agradesco. Thank you!

Well, at least this blog is free
Bueno , por lo menos este blog es gratis

Friday, October 10, 2008

Se habla Espanol / English Spoken

La Gringa has commented that I should write some of my posts in spanish since im living in Honduras and probably many other people are in my same situation.
I have no trouble doing so, but I wonder how should I do it. Should write each post in english AND spanish or should I write one post in english and another one in spanish?
Also , should I have the same blog for both languages or should I have a "debo tanto" (spanish for I owe so much) blog?
I would love to read what you think ?
Oh by the way. Please subscribe to my blog so that you don't have to wonder when I post a new article. If you subscribe my written thoughts will arrive gift-wrapped to your email inbox and you can read them at your convenience. If you want to read other people's comments you can always come to the blog and read them.
So, let me know how you think I should handle the whole english / español thing.
Well, at least this blog is free

Sunday, October 5, 2008

One down, many to go

Well this will be a short post as I'm having a lot of work and family stuff going on.
Just wanted to report that i'm done paying my ex-brother in law. I gave the last $100 to my mom last week.
I also called him and told him I was done paying him by giving the payments to my mom to support my niece. He came back to me saying that we should talk later about how he could keep sending money for the baby. I didn't even thought he would bring that up. Remember what I said about asking him for another loan. Maybe that's something we could do (loans at 0% interest are good).
On the other hand him and my sister are starting a court thing to define child support.
He didn't actually call me back so I will call him tomorrow.
I guess it wasn't such a short post after all. Anyway, at least this blog is free.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rise and Shine

Today was the first day of taking my girls to school.
At first I had decided to do this to save around 900 lempiras a month on bus service from house to school for my two daughters.
But today I was also glad that during the short drive, I was able to talk to my daughters. This since during the rest of the day they are at school and when I get home they are already sleeping.
So that was an intangible bonus. How much is having time with my kids is worth ? is it worth waking up at 6:30am ? time will tell.
The other bonus is that I feel I have a longer day to do things. This morning after dropping my girls off at home I went back home and registered myself at . I also registered my wife. More on that later.
The thing is that it was a long registration process and I did it twice! Then it was only 8am, and I already had breakfast.
It's almost 11pm and I feel ok for the first day, not too tired.
Well at least this blog is free.