Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The bait not taken


Honduras' national soccer team won again. This time 3-1 playing against Canada. The "If Honduras wins you eat free" offer was up again, This time I was not falling for it, Ha! Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice, i'm a glutton for pain.

No this time we spent the next day enjoying some really free food at my mom's house since it was her birthday. I did buy her a present and spent more than I wanted to, but it's hard to be cheap (or "frugal") when buying for mom. I would say that I settled for the middle-priced present and she liked it. We spent all sunday afternoon at her house, which is two blocks from my house, eating and drinking until very late.

I want to thank the people that leave comments and give me support to continue. Some even try to help by trying to get work for me. I really appreciate that. Muchas Gracias!

Now you can skip the rest or read on if you want to practice your spanish. This is my first attempt at a bilingual post

Hola, que raro debe ser leerme en español! Varios amigos, pero en especial La Gringa, me habian pedido que escribira mis narrativas en español. Asi talves otros que tienen problemas financieros como yo se podrian identificar. Este es mi primer intento de hacer esto en ambos idiomas. Comenzamos!


La seleccion nacional de futbol de Honduras gano de nuevo. Esta ves fue 3-1 contra Canada. La promocion de "Si Honduras gana comemos gratis" salio de nuevo. Esta ves no cai en esa trampa, jaja! La primera ves cai por tonto, ya la segunda es que seria masoquista.

No, esta ves pasamos el dia disfrutando comida gratis en la casa de mi mama ya que era su cumpleaños. Le compre un regalo pero gaste mas de lo que queria, pero es dificil ser baratero con mi mama. Diria que le compre un regalo de precio intermedio, y lo mas importante fue que le gusto. Estuvimos todo el domingo en su casa, que esta ubicada a dos cuadras de mi casa. Estuvimos comiendo y bebiendo hasta tarde ese dia.

Quiero agradecer a las personas que dejan comentarios y me da apoyo para continuar. Algunos hasta tratan de conseguirme trabajo. De verdad se los agradesco. Thank you!

Well, at least this blog is free
Bueno , por lo menos este blog es gratis


Anonymous said...

Very well written, I am impress with the spanish used.


AJ said...

Thank you!

Which one do you think is my native language? english or spanish? hehe ;-)

La Gringa said...

Hehehe! I am laughing out loud!

Deena must have thought you were a gringo. ;-D

Well, that just shows how excellent your English is. If only my Spanish were half as good.

I came back here to to say: Que bonito! I realized that I've never seen you write in Spanish before.

I'm going to put a couple of your articles through Google translator and send them to you for a look. I'm thinking that it wouldn't be that hard for you to make corrections since Spanish is your first language.

PS: Deena is Honduran, too.

AJ said...


I hadn't noticed either that it was the first time you read my Spanish!

Now that I re-read my articles I think my efforts into making my Spanish article "equal" to my English article made it look just a tiny little bit "gringo" :-) I should have used some "puchicas"!

walter terry said...

Keep up the good work. Maybe write
like Mexico Bob writes in his blog. It would be very helpfull.
Thanks. Walt