Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rise and Shine

Today was the first day of taking my girls to school.
At first I had decided to do this to save around 900 lempiras a month on bus service from house to school for my two daughters.
But today I was also glad that during the short drive, I was able to talk to my daughters. This since during the rest of the day they are at school and when I get home they are already sleeping.
So that was an intangible bonus. How much is having time with my kids is worth ? is it worth waking up at 6:30am ? time will tell.
The other bonus is that I feel I have a longer day to do things. This morning after dropping my girls off at home I went back home and registered myself at . I also registered my wife. More on that later.
The thing is that it was a long registration process and I did it twice! Then it was only 8am, and I already had breakfast.
It's almost 11pm and I feel ok for the first day, not too tired.
Well at least this blog is free.


La Gringa said...

As they say in the (evil credit card!)commercials: Priceless. Time with your girls is a great benefit that you'll never regret. Sometimes it sounds a little like you are living the gringo lifestyle -- pressure, stress, work, work, and more work. ;-)

AJ said...

oh yeah, I love the time I have to talk to them. I drag myself to get up but by the time i'm driving i'm all woken up and ready for the day. This week I went back to sleep only once, so the day last a lot longer now.

I guess you can say I am living the gringo life, including the debt carried with it!

I hope getting up early will help me with getting some more work done in the morning. I have many ideas but little time to develop them into reasonable business cases.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

I had the best conversations with my kids while driving to and from school. I think since I was looking forward not at them it made it easier for the girls to say things to me. I think quality time is often available in the most amazing places.