Sunday, September 21, 2008

Supersaver man goes to school

I went to my daughter's school to pick up their mid-period grades. I'm glad that they are doing very well and so I feel it's money well spent.
Before going I had given thought that since we are now living much closer to the girls' school maybe me and/or my wife could drive them to school and have the school bus bring them back home and maybe there was a discount for that.
So after picking the grades I went to the administration office and asked about it. The accounting lady said "Sure! bus will be only 50% of what you pay now". With two girls pay for bus service if I only pay 50% it means about 900 lempiras saved. That is a whole tank of gas when it's totally totally empty! In my old car I get 300 miles for 10 gallons of fuel (about 900 lempiras at current prices).
It's a 5 minute drive from my house to the school with no stoplights or even busy street crossings. From the school back home it's almost the same. I'm total it's about 5 miles round trip. And it's 20 days a month, that's 100 miles.
So i'm seriously considering requesting only afternoon bus service for my girls starting next month (october). It might mean getting up at 6:30am to drop them off but I need to get up early anyway to make better use of my mornings, either to work more or to work out (something I badly need).
Do you think the savings are worth it?
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La Gringa said...

It sounds like it would be more cost effective to take them -- that is unless there are huge traffic jams around the school and you might be stuck idling.

Maybe a couple of trial runs during peak times to test the traffic situation first?

AJ said...

I've taken them to school previously when they miss the bus and there are no traffic jams between our house and the school.

I have to take them to school at 6:40 am, there is little traffic at that time. The school bus will bring them back home at 3:30pm , so I will not drive at a peak time of traffic.

I have told the school that I will pay for only half of the bus service starting in October. I'll let you know how it goes.