Tuesday, September 9, 2008

supplier troubles, hopes and introspection

Well the problems with our supplier continue.
Remember that some of my extra income comes from sending Honduran stuff to the US for my ex-brother-in-law to sell in his stores. Well our main supplier has shipping problems and we've gone a whole month with sending very little over. That affects me much because even though I get paid monthly just to make sure that all related bills get paid, if there are none then I don't get any money.
Every time I call them they say they will get things straightned out very real soon now. Then I call the next day and someone else says some other story. A couple of days later they answer a question I am not asking and state that they thought I was complaining about that.
So i've had it with them. I found a new supplier and if things go well, not only will get a monthly payment from my ex-brother-in-law but since this new supplier will give the same items at about the same prices as the other one, BUT will refund me 10% of everything we purchase to him if we reach a certain amount. It's his way of saying thank you to me for buying from him.
With prices comparable, and some cheaper, than the other guy, a wider selection and with much better infrastructure and logistics I think I do deserve that 10% if I can get my ex-BIL the stuff he needs at a good price and with better quality.
Honestly, a few years ago I would've passed that 10% on to him, but knowing that i'm getting him good prices from the start and that he sells them at 100% markup, it seems like a no-harm way of getting some extra cash. I'm not totally comfortable with it, but I didn't ask for it, it was offered to me by the new supplier. As long as he does better than the other guy I will feel ok. Not great but at least ok.
Have you ever been in this situation ? Purchasing something that was the best of two options and it included some personal "gift" for you ? did you or would you take it ?
I will use this extra money to pay off the high interest credit card with the highest balance. The other extra incomes will be for other payments and to kill the smaller debt.


La Gringa said...

Good for you in finding a new supplier. Coming from a capitalist/imperialist (hahah) society, I am forever dumbfounded at how hard it is to spend money in Honduras. It's almost as if companies don't want to make a sale -- or maybe that has more to do with the employees?

I've never been in the position that you are in, but I'm going to go ahead and give my opinion. I hesitated a long time because I don't want to seem judgmental, but you did ask...

I think that you should talk to your brother-in-law about the 10%. I just think it is the honorable thing to do. Hopefully, he will agree with you, or at least be generous about sharing it.

If he should find out later, he might lose trust in you and I think that is a bigger risk than possibly losing the 10%.

AJ said...

My conscience tells me that I should tell my brother in law about the 10%. However he might just keep it and I would lose 10% right now.

It will be a though decision for me.