Thursday, October 23, 2008

Driving for dollars

So many things have been going on at work and at home. October is such a busy month for me always. too many people have birthdays, including me. More on that in a comming post. Also the constant rains have damaged our roads and killed and displaced so many people that keeping stuff working is a full time task. You can read about how the country is doing on our local newspapers online. La Gringa's blogcito has many links to them. Please visit her blog.
Recently I was wondering. When English-speaking people come to Tegucigalpa it's hard for them to get around the city. Usually they are business people so they go from the hotel to the business location and back during the week. Probably a local coworker takes them to lunch and/or dinner. Some of them stay the weekend.
There is also a group of English-speaking people that are living in Tegus and don't go out much or are in Tegus from another city in Honduras.
In any case I figure there are a number of people during the weekends that would like to have someone drive them around Tegus and surrounding cities.
Do you think it would be a good idea to drive people around the city on weekends on a nice car? sort of a bilingual driver/guide.
The only drawback is that it would cut time from spending with my family. But then again I don't think I would have offers to drive every weekend.
I could rent a busito (which is a like a mini van) and drive people around and charge them the rent, fuel and some dollars for my services. Or if they want a regular sedan car or a 4x4 then the charge would reflect that based on the rent price.
What do you think? I'm just getting a lot of ideas in my mind and I just want to get out of this hole one way or the other. If you have any other ideas just let me know. Right now i'm pretty much open to do anything for money (anything legal that is) that I can do well. Hell I wouldn't mind trying to fish crabs in the Bering sea or drive a truck on the ice roads (watch Discovery or History channel) if I could get paid some good money LOL.
Anyway, at least this blog is free. Can't wait to hear from you.  


Jacinta Mucosa said...

I think that is a good service to provide. I would use it if I needed to be in Tegus for a few days. A lot of people who aren't from Tegus don't like driving there either so maybe you would be able to provide the service to nationals as well.

Anonymous said...

I certainly think you should give it a shot. Would it be possible for you to offer a concierge-type service to gringos there? We happily, here in Panama, pay a fellow $2/hour on an ad hoc basis, to do such things as; translate, take a taxi and buy a new battery for the car, pick up money from the bank when we are away and pay housekeeper and gardener, help us set up electrical service etc.
You are doing great! Keep it up!

Carol said...

As an American living in Teguz, I pay L.200.00 the hour to a driver to come pick me up and take me to the market when my car is giving me trouble. The whole day from 8am-6pm costs L.1,000.00 It's great for running errands, going to the market, the mall, and then going to lunch. You don't need to rent a car! Use your own vehicle and make more money! Renting a car starts at $40 a day for a sedan AND you need a credit card, increasing your overall debt!