Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pay Raise and other help

Deploying a new software version of an application to many banks, rolling out a new antivirus solution and doing odd works during the night leaves little time for blog writing. I feel a great relief when I write and so not writing makes me my financial emotions swell painfully. I'm thinking of writing shorter posts more frequently rather than longer ones less frequently.
Last week I was handed my pay raise by my main-job boss. Every year on this ocassion he talks with me for five minutes about the things I did right and for thirty minutes about the things I did wrong. Strangely this year he only mentioned that we should be on the look out for cost cutting measures. No complaints about me. Even my raise was higher than other years in lempira amount although lower in percentage to my base salary.
In any case I guess by now you must know I will not tell my wife about it and if she asks I will tell her there were no raises this year or state a much lower figure. It's sad but if I were to tell her about my raise she would know immediately about "URGENT" stuff that we need to buy or spend the money on. My dad and my boss and other men have told me that they never tell their wives how much they earn. Guess i'm not alone in this problem.
My raise was of 3500 lps more each month, After taxes and deductions it comes to 2400 lps a month, 1200 lps every quincena. That plus the 400lps or so extra that I get from the rise on the initial income tax bracket will help. I've already instructed the payroll lady to transfer 800 lps each quincena to my "emergency fund" account. my previous instruction was 800 lps each month (only on the 30th), now i'm doubling that and will probably go to 1000 lps each quincena after my trip (more on that on another post).
I still can't pay much of my debt with that raise but I can put it on savings to have something to fall back on. I've read everywhere that one has to save even when paying debt.
I know I worked hard for my raise, but this blog is free


La Gringa said...

Congratulations on the raise. Yes, savings is good because it helps prevent you from incurring more debt.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't think keeping a secret from your wife is a good thing, but in this case, based on what you've told us in the past, it probably is the wisest thing to do.

Kristi said...

Congratulations. I'm sorry that your wife isn't being supportive. My husband wasn't with me at first when I decided I wanted to get us completely out of debt. I kept trying different tatics to get him on board. Finally the Dave Ramsey videos of him speaking on finance caught his attention, and now he's on board. (Whew...thankfully) With both of you working together you would achieve your goal of being debt free much much faster. Keep looking for ways to reach her. You'll be closer for it.