Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 goals and challenges part 2

I just got my first pay for this year on my day job and I want to let you know that I increased my savings to my emergency fund by 200lps monthly (100lps quincenal). Since i'm having problem building my freedom account I have increased my contribution to the company coop by 400 lps (200lps quincenal).
In the back of my mind I know that january meant something different paywise. I wasn't sure if it meant more or less. Actually it's less. I have to pay 850lps quincenal , deducted actually, in municipality taxes for 2 months. So that will be a punch to my finances.
I guess the good news is that I have a gig finishing up and I will be able to pick up some extra money. I'm not sure if I should use that money to pay debt, pay stuff in advance or save in my emergency fund or my freedom account. I think I will probably sprinkle it around.
Also I got a call today from relatives in the US and they are interested in restarting the selling of nostalgic honduran products in the US. for example cigarrettes, over the counter medications, snacks..etc. So I have that line of income that might start. If anyone has ideas on how to to better do this I would appreciate your comments. I'm not talking of big containers, i'm talking about small packages of 1 to 10 pounds each, shipped possibly by regular mail since it would be the cheapest. I think I could involve my wife in this since she is out of a job and have her make some income on her huge lumps of spare time and maybe make herself feel useful and rise her self esteem.
If any of you know of "honduran" or "catracho" stores in your city in the US or anywhere in the world please let them know that I could ship them honduran products or help their customers (Hondurans living there) contact their relatives here thru alternative means to phone calls. Leave comments about this too if you want to help me.
I can say that 2010 feels to me like a year of opportunity for me to pay more debt and get closer to my goals of being debt free. I owe so much money, but I think it will owe a lot less.
The one thing I continue having a problem with is actually writing down the debt numbers here in this blog. I have most of those numbers either in paper on thru my online banking. But putting them here for the same period is a bit complicated since some debts have different cut dates. However I will make an effort to put an update should be for own good too!
See you soon.

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