Monday, June 21, 2010

schedule change and money in money out

It's been a chaotic weeks since I got a schedule change. My main job now starts at 9am and ends at 5pm, my "morning" job now suffers. So what I do is do work for my morning job from 6 to 9pm from my main job's offices. But that's usually interrupted by main job stuff that happens after 5pm. Also after 5pm there are friends that wanna meet with me, errands to run, etc. Always hard to work enough and balance with life's demands.
Mostly sad news, I got my 14th month pay and my bonus pay and although I paid some debt and paid off some debt (a bed), I spent most of the money on car repairs and maintenance, clothing, furniture, etc. Sorta bringing the house and family maintenance up to date. Of course my family did a 50% effort to help me. They would say they "needed" a new tv but were happy to get a model and chip in with half of the montly pay from what I give my wife for food and house stuff every month. Also had to spend money on dresses for the girls as they are going to a "Sweet 15" party. Partly is my fault for giving up to their demands and partly it was a way to sort of reward myself for having been better with my money since my last bonus pay. Now I feel the hangover from all that spending.
I guess the only thing i'm not totally depressed about purchasing is the Wii Fit Plus video game. I had purchase a Wii box last year and this was my ultimate goal. Between then and now, the Wii Fit was upgraded to Plus. Nothing technical attracted me to it, just simple things like a way I can relate to to exercise (on my own at my own pace but with tutoring from a trainer). Also a way for my girls, now in vacation, to have something to do without having to spend more money on "summer camps", and they also stay fit. And it's a family game so at night we gather around and laugh and play against each other to sweat out bicycling, running, skating, boxing, stepping,etc. As days go on I like it more and more.
My next financial goal is to get my loan from the company coop in August or September and pay a big lump towards my debt with HSBC and then do a full effort to pay it off by end of year. We'll see how that goes.
Oh and Honduras just lost to Spain 2-0 , no biggie, it was expected.


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