Friday, May 8, 2009

Look, he's Maxed Out!

I was left thinking about the comment left on my Maxed out post and went on to search the whole documentary and sure enough the video is online. You can watch it there:
It's posted in 9 sections, but it's easy to watch it all because at the bottom of the video is the link to the next section. If you have a slow connection you can click on a video and pause it until the download progress bar has completed and then watch the section without interruptions.
I'm watching it again because I feel that I need to remember again and again that credit cards are generally bad. I'm starting to dig myself out of the hole I put myself into, but I want to have very good reminders that help me not to dig a hole again.
The documentary is also available for purchase on DVD or on demand video there:
At least watch it on You Tube. It's very hard to watch it all without having some emotions inside of you get stirred up. I wouldn't advice to watch it with kids.
Please watch it and give me some comments on what you think about it.
Watch it while it's free!


sam @ moneypenny said...

I'll be cheering you on from Australia - good luck with your efforts to nuke consumer debt :)

Alita said...

Yei! Now I can share it with my friends :)