Friday, May 8, 2009

Twitter flu

As usual it's been crazy at both works. I had my boss from my morning job come for a week. Then this week I had a consultant at my day job training us on new software. So I haven't been able to post the new numbers on the other credit card statements that have been delivered to my desk. I have them and I'll try to post the today later.

Currently i'm waiting for my payment from my morning job, it usually takes about a week or so and now i'm emailing my boss there after I send the invoice so that he doesn't forget to process it.

One big thing. I've caught the twitter flu! I like twitter a lot. I like it because I can write my thoughts in a very concise way (160 characters or less). I don't have to worry about layouts and colors and things because it's all text!

I'm able to send tweets (twitter posts) from my cellphone using software for windows mobile which is the operating system for some smartphones like mine.

I'm also able to send tweets via email thanks to

Finally I'm able to go right to my web page and tweet from there!

I like it because when I read tweets from others it's like reading headline news. You get the gist of what's going on without much dabble about it.

I'm thinking of starting some service about traffic information in Tegus. So i've been testing that. There is a way for twitter users to send money to each other and there's a way to have tweets be private and visible only to those approved.

So i'm thinking of having users register to receive traffic updates. And for that information they would pay a small fee per month. It's all mostly in my head right now, although i've done some tests already.

The difficult thing right now would be get the correct traffic information, and also to get enough local users to follow this on twitter. hmm yesterday it seemed much easier. I guess by writing it, it forces me to come back to earth and think about it.

Anyway, I have my twitter posts send to this blog so you can see them on the right side. It's a way for me to put down stuff that otherwise I would forget and wouldn't blog about it ever. I hope you like those tweets in between my posts here.

I'll start writing that other credit card balances hopefully today.

Thanks to Alita for her comment on "Maxed Out".

Voy a buscar el video en metromedia o en mastervideo pero no creo que lo renten. De todas formas lo he visto un par de veces asi que espero alguna ves poderlo ver todo desde el principio. Talves en alguna pagina online o en YouTube o algo similar. Gracias por tu comentario.

Well. back to work. See you soon. Enjoy the free things in life.

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