Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Maid no more

You remember that our maid was supposed to leave on Dec 31st but then she came back.
Well, eventually as with most maids, she and my wife started having clashes and both started hinting their discomfort with the other. So last week the maid left our house.
This means several changes. Wife now has to wash, clean and cook. So she's asking me to do more around the house and to dirty less clothes. She's also requested a washing machine which was already in my plans but will have to be bought sooner than I had planned.
My wife can't handle being alone too well. Last week the day after the maid left she was alone at home during most of the day until our daughters came home. She called me crying that she was feeling anxious and wanted me to drive her to a town where she has friends. I tried to reason with her that it was the anexiety kicking in and to take the pills she and I take for that (long story, good for another post). She listened but did her own thing and drove about 50kms and came back at midnight.
This weeks she has handled it better. She's talking on the phone and the cellphone more now. At least the cellphone has a limit but she's reaching it every month about 5 days before the end of the billing cycle. She used to call the maid a lot when the maid was on her days off so hopefully this month she will not reach the limit.
My daughters are pitching in more now in washing clothes and dishes and cleaning the house.
I'm not taking food from home for lunch. She doesn't get up early enough to cook lunch for me to take to work. Also she wants me to come home for lunch to feel less lonely. So that means I will spend more fuel.
On the other hand with not having to pay,house, and feed a fifth (sometimes a sixth) person, there is some savings there.
So I'll keep you posted how that goes.


Anonymous said...

Your wife needs to have a hobby or maybe take some art classes or something.

AJ said...

She's is taking classes to get her master's degree in Human Resources Management.

Her classes are at night so she's alone all day.

The day she felt bad she was going to go to class but skipped them to go to off to another town to visit friends and feel better. So I don't completely understand what's her problem.

What I know is that she gets anxious when she's alone, which is totally opposite to me. I love alone time!

I see another maid in my future, even if just for her to have someone to talk to. The she will talk too much with her and both will say or do things to get pissed off and maid will go. Rinse and repeat.

Anonymous said...

Just buy her a washing machine and she will be much happier. Throw in the dryer too.

AJ said...

Would you believe I just bought one today? it's going to be delivered saturday. You must be a mind reader.

Anonymous said...

Glad you bought her a washing machine things will be much easier for her now. I also made the decision to do without a maid. After a year and a half with a maid it was difficult to deal with everything on my own...however it was nice not putting out the extra money every month. Since I am American living in Honduras I was accostumed to doing my own housework and taking care of normal things before I came here. I like not sharing or having to constantly correct someone on how they did something wrong. I might get one that comes in a few days to help out but not a live in maid. It is too much trouble.