Monday, April 27, 2009

Loan with Bac Bamer

I have a few other statements and i'm going to write them here just to put the numbers up on the blog.
I have a loan with Bac-Bamer that was actually re-financing some older credit card debt to a lower rate. I actually don't remember what payment number it is or the loan term. The statement that I get looks a lot like a credit card statement except that the rates are much lower.
Starting balance: L 124,067.81 (on March 7th)
Total Paid: L 10,572.00
Interest this month: 3,833.60
Ending balance: 117,329.41
Minimum Payment: L.5,724 (You can notice that last month I was so late that two payments got rolled into one).
Payment due on: April 22 2009
Cutoff date: May 7th 2009
I was expecting my payment from my morning job last week. However my boss there had forgotten to send my invoice to the accounting department and it wasn't until I called about it that I found that out. he apologized and set it forward on thrusday of last week. The payment arrived today and since it is credited to my Bac-Bamer dollar account I went online and paid the minimum (can't actually pay more on this one since it's a loan).
Right now i'm transfering money from my dollar account to my lempira account to go pay my HSBC credit card before they start calling me. This time they only called me twice for this card but it was because my boss delayed my payment. I really believe it was an honest mistake on his part. Although I did tease him a bit telling him that I would have to skip on things like food and electricity this week. He took it well and we both had a good laugh.
Seriously though it did put a dent in my plans because I got those calls that was trying to avoid. As we say in spanish "me gane las llamadas de gratis"..or I won those calls for free.
I hope to be posting other credit cards soon, statements are arriving quickly.
I'm glad this blog is free

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