Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lets se some numbers

Before I forget to put these numbers on the side bar i'm just going to write them up here so you can all see them.
Today I got my credit card statement for my Visa Platinum from Bac-Bamer
Previous Balance (march):
lps 101,975.94
I paid 6,111.00 lps and $333.00
I was charged $253 for the payment #35 of 36 (only one more to go!! )
Interest for Lempiras was Lps 4,471.05
Interest for Dollars was $ 31.32
Current Balance (April)
lps: 100,335.99
$ $878.36
Minimum Payment:
lps 6,068.00
$ 334.00
So there you go. I'll be posting the other ones when I get their statements.
Thank goodness that this blog is free.

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