Sunday, April 12, 2009

Holy Week Batman!

Well, it's Easter Sunday and the Holy week is almost over. I am very happy.
My girls were off school all week. Wife was off classes too. I was off work starting on Wednesday.
They were home all day and weather was hot so it means that they wanted to go out. Going out usually means spending money, very usually.
I think giving my friend my debit card to my emergency fund worked well because it's untouched even though I had only about 400 lps available at the start of the week, and we went to Amapala island on the pacific and ate out three meals between friday and today.
The trick was that my wife got paid for some of her "secret customer" visits that she did way back in december. She got paid monday of Holy week so she paid for most of the expenses for the Amapala trip. I only paid for the fuel. I really didn't want to go but if I didn't go the girls would have had trouble going on just my wife's friend's car all in there.
She also paid for the meals out. She protested that I must have some money somewhere but I showed her my bank balance and my wallet and she reluctantly helped to pay for stuff and for fuel for all the errands she did.
I did have to use my credit card today twice to pay for one meal (200lps) and fuel (250lps). I know i'm getting paid tomorrow on both jobs so I will put 500lps back into that credit card tomorrow.
Oh I remember that I also used it to buy a a cake for my oldest daughter since this week was also her birthday. She didn't want much for her bday (which relieved me a lot), but her mom got her new bed clothes (if that's the right word in english). More money to put back on the credit card. L700 now.
I had dreaded Holy week for a long time. It always means spending and spending. Paying for parking, paying for eating out, paying for fuel, entrance to parks, paying for suntan (300lps!!!) , paying for bathing suits. In my mind holidays equal spending and with holy week being, well, a whole week it's the mother of all spending pitfalls during the year. Christmas and New Year are close but one get's an extra month pay at the start of December so that helps with the spending.
I'm so really glad that holy week is over and i'm glad that my daughter was ok with me just getting her a cake on her bday. Oh well I did remind her about the Wii so I guess that should count as a birthday gift.
I'm so glad that regular weeks are back. Tuesday there is a free air show in Tegucigalpa. The key words for me are "free" and "air show". The Brazilian Air Force acrobatic team is doing a performance April 14th (Dia de la Raza) at 2pm at the Honduran Air Force base across from Toncontin airport. Will write on how that goes.
Is faith free? This blog is.

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Cindy in California said...

You did great!! I am sure that your planning and healthy fear of spending helped, too. I'm glad that your wife was willing to pitch in.

When you say "bed clothes" do you mean clothes that she wears to bed? That would be pajamas or a nightgown. If you mean the actual "clothes for the bed" that would be sheets (and possible blankets). I have a feeling that's what you mean because I have heard my friends in Honduras refer to "ropa de cama" or something like that for "sheets".

Keep up the good work! I am anxious for an update on the sidebar on your balances.