Friday, December 11, 2009

Debt Free Goal

I haven't thought the details of this yet, however I wanted you to know about it.
My first debt free goal, meaning something I want to do when I have paid all my debts, is to take flying lessons and get a private pilots license.
I've always han a passion for airplanes, airlines, flying, airports, and the technology surrounding them. From the simple small planes that are used for instruction to the massive Airbus A380, I enjoy watching most of them. Some time ago I was a "virtual pilot" in a "virtual airline" and using my flight simulator I took "virtual flights" and earned "virtual money". I really enjoyed it until I started having money issues and couldn't spend enough time sitting in a chair watching virtual world go by the virtual windows of my virtual airplane.
Now at most I read airline articles here and there and visit my local airport or hear Air Traffic Control frequency on my radio or online. However deep inside me is that urge to climb onboard an airplane and fly it. I may or may not enjoy it, as it's different to be flying in a smooth passenger jetliner than on a small instruction airplane, but I have to do it at least once.
Flying is definitely not cheap, and I would be scared if it were. So unless I really have money to spend on it I can't take flying lessons. I think that's a pretty good motivating goal for me. If only my wife would appreciate it too I would help a lot.
Anyway, I'm going to get me a tiny airplane model and hang it from my rear view mirror to remind me of my goal.
Enjoy the weekend.

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In Debt said...

I think it's awesome to have a goal...albeit an expensive one. :)

Great idea for the reminder to keep you focused.