Friday, March 13, 2009

Cutting the phone bill

Just a quick note about my landline phone bill.
I had a phone with "gold plan" on it. It meant that for about $25/month I could call 2500 minutes to other Hondutel numbers in Tegucigalpa. I took that plan way back when internet was mostly accessed via dialup connection.
Nowdays i've noticed that I'm not using almost any of those minutes. Calls from the house are rare and those calls that are made are to "sub-operator" providers like Multifon or Telemas, and as such are not included in my free minutes.
So today after I paid that phone bill one last time I went to Hondutel's customer service office and changed my plan to the basic one that goes for about $3 with "only" 100 minutes included.
They tried to woo me into staying with the gold plan but when they looked at my call pattern they agreed with me.
They also wanted me to try out their cellphone service but their only advantage is unlimited textmessages and low price to landlines. But who calls landlines nowdays? I rarely do, at least not from my cellphone.
So tack that savings that will kick in next month to my effort to owe less money and lower my bills. I hope you agree with me that this was a good decision. I do hope so because the gold plan is no longer available and so now that i'm out of it I can't go back.
I have less free minutes now but all of this blog is free.

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Cindy in California said...

You're doing good and thinking right. Every little bit helps.

I doubt you'll ever have to worry about wishing you could go back on the old plan. If even the phone company looked at your usage and could not build an argument to keep it the way it was I think you'll just be laughing all the way to the bank (to pay and extra $22 each month on your credit card bills).

Keep up the great work!