Friday, March 6, 2009

the first week in Phoenix

I'm already finishing the second and last week of my stay in Phoenix. However I have been very busy with work. This is some of the stuff that happened during the first week
Some interesting things:
My friend missed his plane into Phoenix. So I had to pay $50 cab fare to my hotel. I will be reimbursed for that. He will come in until next week. Actually i'm travelling to his town from Phoenix over the weekend to spend the time on his town. I SAW SNOW LIVE FOR THE FIRST TIME, woho!
a guy at the office wants me to go check his home puter and pay me money to do so. I certainly will look at his stuff.
I'm putting in good hours working. I'm not sleeping much because I end up doing stuff at the hotel too.
The girls and wife want some things. I broke down and spent money on some things. Most of them are $2, $3 each. I will try to detail soon.
I like Phoenix, Arizona, except for the dryness.
This trip was free for me, and so is this blog.

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La Gringa said...

WooHoo! Your first snow! Aren't you lucky! I hope you got some pictures to show your friends and family. I also hope you took some warm clothes with you.

Such a coincidence that you mentioned the dryness. Some of us were talking about those dry areas last night and I said I didn't think that I could handle that after being so used to high humidity.

Dallas had low humidity but sometimes when I used to go to Las Vegas (in the desert), I had to sleep at night with a wet washcloth over my face because the air was so dry.

I'm glad you are having a good trip.