Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Recap of phoenix trip day 1

So much for shorter, more frequent post huh ?
I've gotten several comments from several posts. I'm happy to say that I have changed my payroll instructions to have 800 lps sent to my emergency fund account every quincena (15 days) instead of every month.
Now to talk about my trip. It was very enlightening in many ways, specially in economics, both hopes and troubles.
Since I have a lot to talk about I will just write it in days as I was there so I will write trying to remember when I did want.
First day (monday):
Travel from Honduras to Houston. Paid exit fee of thirty something dollars. Kept receipt for refund. Had $500 in my pocket for emergencies and for immigration questions.
While waiting in Houston for my connecting flight to Phoenix, I wanted to call home to tell everyone that I had made it ok (and had passed immigration control too). Also I wanted to call my friend in MO to let him know I was on schedule to arrive in Phoenix that night. I could either buy a prepaid card or use my laptop and some wifi service to dial using my magicjack.
Well Houston airport charges a fee for using their internet service. That's rare in these days as most airports just give it away for free. Tegus charges too but i don't need to use it. Fortunately I had my priority pass card, given to me for free with my Credomatic Platinum card. Just a couple of weeks ago they had sent me the new one (again no charge, just for being a platinum member, although a bad one).
So with that card I went into Continental's President's club lounge and used their free wifi to call home, my friend in MO and my boss in Phoenix. Also enjoyed their free soft drinks, chips, cookies, etc. No need to buy a snack, hehe.
Arrived at Phoenix to away my friend to pick me up. Used the free wifi there to call him (again thanks magicjack). He says he is still in MO because he was late to the airport. So a quick change of plans and unexpected expenses. Had to buy dinner at the airport since it was 10pm already and my friend said the hotel had no restaurant and nothing close by to dine. about $10 for a sandwich, fried and a soft drink. Then a cab ride to the hotel $50. Both hopefully will be reimbursed.
At hotel they asked for my credit card, which I was glad to have it available for this trip. I gave that one and it was ok (I guess they freeze some funds for the duration of my stay). Called my boss (again with the MJ) and he would pick me up tuesday morning.
Well, the calls were free and so is this blog.

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LW said...

Good for you on the savings plan!! Now just leave it alone. Be careful how you define an emergency.