Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another paycheck!

I worked my butt off this week and got calls for support for this company I did some software for them. They always want some changes and improvements and I welcome all that. Plus in a downsizing move they fired their IT guy and so they call me now to fix simple stuff like corrupted files or installing upgrades.
So I got a check for 10,560 lempiras (it was 12,000 minus tax since i'm and independent consultant). I promptly paid 8020 to the credit card that I have a payment arrangement with. I haven't put it the figure in the right column because ever since I got a payment arrangement with them they stopped sending me a monthly statement. I have to call them to figure out how much I still owe them them.
I am going to make a payment arrangement with my main credit card. They offered me to use my extrafinancing to allow me to keep the credit card since I have a good record. However since I have about 6000 lempiras of minimum payment this month they say they needed some payment to get this started. Otherwise I would have to get a payment arrangement and they would cancel the credit card. The extrafinancing would give me a longer term and a lower interest rate than the payment arrangement. So I set aside 1000 lempiras from the last paycheck to have something to give these guys and see if I can get this card on a payment schedule using my extrafinancing (alert to self...DO NOT USE THIS CARD AGAIN JUST BECAUSE ITS BALANCE WILL BE ZERO).
The other 1000 I gave them to my wife to have her pay some of her small debts with friends. The other 560 went into my emergency fund.
I was worried for a while that I wouldn't get this 8020 lempira payment done in time. Now I have to make a payment of 4200 next week. I hope my business with my ex-brother-in-law picks up. This last two weeks it was down due to problems with our provide. That meant $180 NOT comming into my pocket.
Please pray that my provider can supply us with our goods to ship to the US. I need that money bad.
Next week I have to register my girls in school, fortunately I have that money almost all of it ready. It's a lot of money but a bilingual education is my investment in their better future as adults in Honduras. I hope to have enough money left for school supplies.
Well, at least this blog is free.


La Gringa said...

It's really great that you are able to do these extra jobs to help out your financial situation. As a reader, it's a little hard to get the big picture, but it seems as if you would really be drowning without the extra income. That's a little scary.

AJ said...

I definitely would be drowning without the extra income. And yes it is scary.