Monday, August 4, 2008

Super saver man to the rescue, the genesis

I've started walking to and from the nearby mall as a cheap (free) way to exercise and to go pay my bills rather than taking my car to go to a drive-thru teller. To me that seemed as a money saving tip and a way to exercise combined.
Today I got a good 30 minute walk out of it. Didn't pay any bills today as I was going to but office supplies but the walk was good.
As I was there I felt that I have been changing over these months, from oogling over the stuff I wanted for me and my family, to feeling regret after buying something we couldn't afford. From feeling sad about being unable to pay my debts, to accepting the fact that I have to make some big, wait, BIG changes in my lifestyle if I want to get out of my debt, to comming to terms with realizing that I can't buy all that I want and even some things I "think" I need. Now i'm trying to turn myself into Super-saverman, LOL. It's this regular guy that keeps looking for ways to save himself some or all of his money by altering the way he does things every day.
So these are the first "actions" this super-saverman is taking, mainly at the mall right now but more comming from everyday places.
- I used to buy cold coffee drinks with some frequency, not a fanatic about it but when needing a refreshment while at the mall I would go to Expresso Americano (like Starbucks) and get a cold coffe drink there. if the weather was cold I would get a Chai Capuchino. Well not anymore, I just tought it out and wait to get to the office to drink some water, or soda (it's a community thing), or get hot coffee from the coffe pot. I save money and don't use disposable cups and napkins, etc. Basically I try not to buy any snacks or drinks at the mall, there is a superkmarket at the mall and I can buy fruit and water there if I really needed some but generally there is plenty back at the office or at home.
- I like planes, and I like to read a magazine called Airways. Each issue is about $8 and it's been a long time since i've bought them back to back every month. Today I walked into the bookstore and saw the latest edition of it. I was really tempted to buy it but recalled the price (150 lempiras) and took the opportunity to just browse it, read the interesting articles and put it back in the display. The store is ok with people reading their magazines and books there, unlike most other places here in Tegucigalpa. So if I wasn't hurting the store and I was able to get my Airways fix without having to buy the magazine I was ok. Sure I miss having the paper in my hands and being able to reread the articles a year from now but I got most of the news I wanted from that reading and I can be at peace with myself knowing I kept that money in my pocket. I even found out that they have some articles online at !! I'm sure going to check on those.
- I used to empty the coins from my pockets into my night stand at home and it would just dissapear overnight or the next day. Sometimes my daughter would ask for it and sometimes I'm sure someone else took it. Now I take it back with me the next day and use it when paying for things at the supermarket or pulperia. Keeps me from breaking a higher denomination bill. It's silly but I feel good about that.
- The mall is not the cheapest place to buy stuff, however there are a couple of stores there sell the basics that one would need, like underwear and socks, etc. Now that I go to the mall with almost no money on myself I can relax and check out if they have any big sales like 50 or 80%. I can then tell my friend at work about it and if they can use that then fine. As for me I don't even say a pep at home because I know my wife and daughters would try to get new stuff even when they have tons of it at home already. I might be exagerating as they have been slowly changing their ways in these last few days. I'll probably have to write about them and their behaviors towards money and spending.
Well, at least this blog and these tips are free :-)

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Steve Smith said...

Good for you. You're on the right track.