Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Where did the oxygen go?

I was able to spend about $800 of the $1000 on debt payments. I sent $75 to my emergency fund, that I partially used for the medical emergencies in the previous post. I used $50 to pay for some really urgent car repairs to avoid having to pay much more money later.
I used the final $75 to invest in a tiny business that my oldest daughter can manage while she is at home. She will be selling electronic recharges to prepaid cellphones from home and getting 7% profit of every lempira she sells.
I hope this helps her learn about managing money, budgeting, etc. So far she needed a few reminders but she is doing well.
I'm really glad I spend most of the money paying debt and the other part paying urgent things and almost nothing on "desires".
Well at least this blog is free

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