Friday, August 1, 2008

Recovery tips

I was reading an article from the Debt Busters site. The one I told you about before and it says that we that are struggling to get out of a bad financial situation should do what great athletes do when they are down on their luck.
We should think about "making a comeback". Most people that follow sports can remember when a football, baseball, hockey or golf player was lagging behind and made an amazing comeback and won. Those events are talked about for years later. We should make our own comeback too.
So, the article mentions some key things to remember:
1. Let go of the past. Sure, analize what you did wrong, but don't sink yourself into it. I declare myself guilt of doing this. I can't let go of the stupid decisions I made in the past. I have to make my peace with my mistakes. I guess it's hard when my mistakes are hidden from most of the people I interact with. Good athletes are able to "shake it off" when they make a bad play, even faster than the sports commentators in the bleachers.
2. Play the next play. The past is done, now focus on moving forward. Read or become more intelligent with the use of your money. Good athletes focus on the game at hand and how to best play it, they don't wish the game was going they way they wanted it to go before it started. I guess this also refers to play the hand you are dealt, not the one you wish.
3. Follow training. In our case it means to follow your new anti-debt training. Don't try to find easy ways out of debt without first studying them carefully. For athletes in means than when they are down on their luck it is NOT the time to improvise, but rather to do things the way they have trained to do them for years. I guess for us it also means to get some smart advice about getting out of debt with long-time proven methods rather than trying those quick and easy gimmicks that are everywhere these days. Be smart with the money now.
4. Persevere. It's pretty much self explaining but in our case I guess we have to change our attitude of immediate compensation, immediate pleasure. Understand that getting out of debt will take a long time , probably much longer than it took to get into debt. There will be setbacks too but "staying the course" will be the way to go. I guess it's like going on a financial diet, so don't feel sad when you don't lose those first few debt pounds, and don't devour all your money when you your debt weight starts to go down. Stick to the plan until your attitude, your habits have changed. Only then will you be debt free for the rest of your life instead of only for a few days.
Well at least that advice and this blog is free


La Gringa said...

It sounds like good advice. Another tip might be (sort of like a drug addict ;-) ), don't kid yourself that "just this one time won't hurt."

AJ said...


Definitely agree, like when getting that big paycheck don't go crazy with it cause debts will still be there.