Thursday, July 3, 2008

About me - The long version

I guess you would want to know more about me than just that i'm in debt up to my nostrils.
I live in Honduras, in Central America. Don't know where it is? It's south of Mexico, in the Heart of Central America.
My parents put me in a Bilingual school for 12 years and so I know how to read,write, listen, understand and speak english as well as spanish. I have less chance to speak it here but I can usually hold a conversation pretty well.
I graduated college in 1997 (wow, it's been that long!), Computer Science, or at least it's equivalent here in my country. I started programming since my 2nd year in college and liked it at first but then I hated how much time was wasted between bad designs and slow programming languages.
Due to a twist of fate I got transfered to the systems administration department. These are the guys that keep the computers and networks running. If we are doing our job well then everything is running fine and you don't notice us. If you say or hear "the system/network is down" they it's a big emergency for us.
After graduating I then moved on to a better (much) paying job in which I had to program again (and hated it) but also travelled for work (loved it). It was too good to be true and it only lasted a couple of years. The company folded in 2000.
I did a short time with the local offices of the company that folded, and then I landed on the job that is currently my "main" daytime job. I'm a system administrator again. This means that if I do my job well and get things organized and everyone is happy I have time for myself :-) weee! That's one of things I love about this type of job.
I married young (too young), and I have 2 girls who are the driving force in my life. I want to be able to at least give them the same type of education I got as I feel it's the best inheritance I will be able to pass along to them. That and have them learn from my many mistakes.
Well there's more but that's it for now. I like to try out new stuff so i'm posting this from email instead of going to the website and typing there. Let's see how this goes.

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