Thursday, July 31, 2008

Eerie feelings

Last night as I was at the bank I felt such an eerie feeling. Here I was paying some debt on my cellphone card and yet I owed this bank a lot of money on my main card and my personal loan. I was thinking that at any minute the teller would get a warning on her screen to call up the supervisor to talk to me.
At least that's how it felt the last time when I wanted to cash in my points for money and the teller DID have to call the supervisor and he told me I was past due on something and the system wouldn't accept cashing my points because of that.
Eerie I tell you...very eerie for me. Being objective i'm sure these folks have gone thru this millions of times, telling people about stuff the system won't let them do because the are missing payments, or past due, overdrawn, overlimit, etc.
Then as I walked out from the banks area of the mall into the main Hall I could feel all the stores with their big posters of 50% discounts, 80% discounts (yeah right)...and all the stuff I really didn't need. I only went into one store (book store) and managed to hold of my temptation to buy something there. That led me to think about writing tips on saving money just as I experience them. One of those post will come up soon, I already have it drafted.
I also watched people with bags of purchases and wondered which of these people were going down my path and which were actually able to afford the things they were buying. Honestly I felt like I was the lone idiot that was nose-deep in debt and everyone else is paying cash or debit card. I know it's not like that, but thats how I felt at the time. Very, very, lonely.
Oh well, at least I payed all that had been charged on my cellphone card. Damn card, how come you had to be the one to be really good and be on the bank that I owe so much money to ?
Good night
Well at least this blog is free

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