Thursday, July 3, 2008

The first day

I've been under the burden of heavy debt for about 2 years now. I mean i've had debt ever since I got my first credit card about 15 years ago, but i've been able to pay it with some regularity before.

Now i'm having trouble covering monthly expenses and having enough money left to pay all my debts. So it has become a vicious cycle in which i've had use my credit card to pay for regular monthly stuff. Also some bad "investments" have help take money away from my pocket that I could've used to pay my debts.

Come and read as I will first try to explain each of my debts and all that I owe. Then I will keep you posted on what I'm doing to pay each of them by means that right now I'm not so sure I have available. At the least it will be an interesting ride. At the worst, I could end up in jail.

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