Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Staying the course

Payday came and went, and the money came in and was out the door.
Not only do I have to pay the rent on my house, but this month is specially hard because I have to pay the taxes on my car. It's 3,600 lempiras or about $190. $190 that I could've used to pay some debt. Anyway taxes ARE debt owed to the government so I will pay that tomorrow (last day for that car).
Some updates are that I'm staying the course in paying $300 monthly on the first credit card I told you about. I'm less than $90 to go to pay it this month. This money should come from some more work i'm doing for my ex brother-in-law.
About each week I get around $180 from his company as a commission for goods purchased here and shipped to the US....hmmm I haven't told you about that. That's on top of the $200 he pays me monthly. That's pretty much all going to paying debts and stuff I owe. Unfortunately not all of it goes to debt because there's always something unexpected and my emergency fund is usually depleted.
Also the cellphone card i'm going right now to pay all the charges that have been applied to it this month. I got the bank statement with the minimum payment set at 2,300 lps so i'm setting that card to a $130 monthly payment AFTER paying whatever charges are applied to it from my cellphone company. So after paying today I have to come up with $130 for that card to stay the course to pay it. I'm set on paying this debt or as fast as I can because it's the lowest. Then I would just try to pay the cellphones BEFORE they are charged to the card.
I still have to come up with money to pay my personal loan and my main credit card. Plus I have to come up with about $600 to pay the 2 credit cards with which I already have a payment schedule arranged.
I hope to finish up some work for this lady that I told you in an earlier post. I have to put in hours of work to get to 10,000 lps $525 so I can bill her for that as soon as possible. I'm trying to get that work done but it's been difficult due to family stuff. I'm supposed to have mornings off but I keep running errands and them i'm racing off to work in the afternoon. I guess I'll work late tonight.
Well i'm off to the bank before they close. I'll write about my saving angels next time...if it wasn't for them I don't know how much worst I would be.

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