Friday, July 18, 2008

Wealth or Health ?

I was trying to come up with a subject to write about in between the pains of writing about my debts.
Well, life tends to be funny in some ways and sad in others.
Wednesday my boss went home early because he felt ill. Thursday he didn't show up for work as he had a fever running.
Today we got a call from his wife that he was in a local hospital after spending the night in the ER. Apparently his blood pressure medicine had a bad interaction with the medications for his cold/cough/fever.
Here I am worrying about my debts and how I'm going to pay for them. I am right in being concerned about it. I wish I hadn't made the mistakes I did. I really feel bad about it, bad to the point of crying about it sometimes. Really! I just can't do it in front of anyone.
However I should also be grateful I have relatively good health. My boss has money and lots of it. Right now i'm sure he would pay a lot to be as healthy as I am (and i'm not 100%). Besides even with our medical insurance he will probably pay a lot of money for all of his checkups and tests and labs and hospital room and ER and doctor bills.
I called him tonight and he sounded so tired and really depressed. He said they hadn't figured out what was wrong with him, and that he would go somewhere else to get checked again. SO, he'll probably spend more money on repeating tests and doc appointments, etc.
So, as everybody says, I rather have my health than being sick and have wealth.
Also I prefer my debt with health that sickness and NO wealth!
The ideal of course would be great health and wealth.
have a good night. Please pray for me, my family, our health and maybe not wealth but at least pray for me to stay healthy and find income to pay me debt. I will pray for ?
Good Night

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