Thursday, June 11, 2009

June 11th

I now have  a rough design of my expenses spreadsheet. I will put the numbers in it over the weekend.
Last night I bought pringles for 47lps and some home supplies for 50lps
Today I spent 500lps on new uniform and accessories for my oldest daughter. They graduate from 6th grade using their daily uniform and the ones she has are kinda old and worn.
Spent 10 lps on the atm fees for that and spent 20lps on semitas for breakfast.
youngest daughter wants something like pizza or stuff to snack on for tonite.. there is a promotion on some fast food restaurants today but I will check it out cautiosly as i've known them to have tricky promos befores.
Hopefully monday I will have some totals for the first 15 days of June.

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Steve Smith said...

In your expenses make sure you include the accumulating interest on your debt. That's probably your most significant expense and the one to be watched the closest.