Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 4th paid!

got my 14avo from day job and got paid on my morning job. Got to resist the urge to burn that money.
Today I spent 200 on fuel for wife's car. 350 on fuel for mine (ran out of fuel today! luckily it was near a gas station).
Gave the girls 20 lps to buy snacks at school.
Spent 75 on coffee and donut tonight for me and the night shift operator. He regularly lets me eat from his pringles and drink his soda. So i decided to return the favor.
Paid about 2600lps to my loan with credomatic. Tomorrow is credit card pay day. I get a great feeling of acomplishment when I pay my credit cards and my loans, like i'm making progress.
My car smells like gas and I think it has a leak in a hose I called the mechanic and told him to bring the Bendix on the morning since I can't drive it with a leak (fumes make me dizzy if I'm idling too long in one spot). I'll have to spend at least 500lps on repairs again. I think my cars know my pay schedule!
Do your appliances /cars /house know your pay schedule?

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wolfie_cr said...

mine don't

but they are extremely jealous and competitive

Fridge: "did you see that spoiled stove?????? she got brand new burners.....the nerve, I am going to raise some hell and I will get something new too"

Fridge breaks, repair bill 100 dollars, some design flaw that made it too easy for the coils to rust


Washing machine "arghhh I hate that fridge, so sensitive.....well if she can so can I!"

washing machine breaks, some stupid coupling, part cost 10 dollars, labor cost....I am not even going to say