Monday, June 1, 2009

June, expense tracking month

Well, i've decided that I will keep track of my expenses thru the whole month of june and write them down here about the time I'm finishing work every night. I hope I can remember to write down everything since every day that I think is going to be quiet turns out to be hectic and then the quiet days are mostly "catching up" days so there's never time for a break. Darn I forgot I have to do some programming tonight.. ugh!
Anyway. Today I spent:
L 14 on meds for wife (she feeling nausea from her migrane)
L 361 on construction materials for the place were the washing machine is going to go (Not including the 600 I spend saturday but that's last month!)
L 250 on car repair (exhust broke on the Lancer as I was driving over a speed bump. a shop close to home soldered it back together)
On the "cutting expenses" front, I went to drop my girls at school today once again, PLUS I went to pick them up at noon since I had to go home anyway. It made no sense to pay for the whole month of june for both when they have only this week left in school.
Anyway, that's my first report. I'll keep them short so I can keep at it all month. good thing I found a good pad to carry in my car.

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