Sunday, June 14, 2009

June 13th and part 14th

Last night,
Bought kitchen containers: 102lps
Bought 10 pieces of chicken for the weekend: 219lps
Fueled my car: 430lps
went out with the whole family for a ride around the city, bought sodas for everyone: 56lps
bought lotto tickets: 30lps
Went out with the girls and bought some granitas: 110lps
Parking fee: 20lps
Paid 2699lps for wife's master's degree classes this month
Paid 300lps for wife's dress for tuesday 6th grade graduation ceremony
200lps at karaoke bar and dance club. We rarely go out but wife's classmates insisted. They footed most of the bill as they had the most drinking and eating there. Got to know two places. One is allright the other one not so much.
Sunday morning:
Breakfast: 45lps
Lunch: 207 with economy combos for the five of us. Dinner should be the leftover chicken from saturday.
Girls was a board game to pass the time, also the youngest one wants a shirt for the graduation ceremony. That is yet to be purchased.
Have I told you I dislike weekends? they really make my pocket ache.

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Deborah said...

Hang in there A. You WILL get through this