Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2nd... bleeding money

Today I spent 580 lps on metal pipe to support roof over washing machine. The house's laundry area was too small for the washing machine so we had to hire someone to put in the pipes and ducts and faucets for the machine..but the area was in the back of the house so it needed a roof to protect the machine from the rain. The electrical will have to be done later..for now I will run a heavy duty extension cord from an indoor outlet to the washing machine.
Also today I bought 40lps worth of lottery tickets. 20 lps were wife's request and 20lps were my own impulse buying when I opened my wallet and found the exact change. it's 10lps each ticket and when I buy I usually buy two.
I strolled around pricesmart today. It was safer on my wallet than walking down the mall (I walk for the exercise). At pricesmart everything is so big or so expensive that I can't "impulse buy" anything there. Not even the food is cheap enough to tempt me. I did look at some surveillance cameras and other electronics but mostly for curiousity since they have interesting stuff there almost all the time.
Yesterday I bought 24 lps worth of cookies for my daughters, the youngest one called me as I was leaving the office and asked, and begged for cookies. I don't make it a habit to buy for them but she has very good negotiating skills. Now that i'm writing down my expense we'll see just how much I give in to her requests.
I would've spent more today but the mechanic wasn't at the shop today and I need him to fix my starter engine on my car. Comming up with the money for that is a whole other story. Probably will have to use the emergency fund since it's sorta dangerous for me to get stuck at night (or day now) somewhere not being able to start my car if I can't push-start it.
We get our 14avo friday, but for good or bad almost all of it is committed already to my girls' school.


Larry in Mazatlan said...

I'd like to make a suggestion. When we moved to Mexico I started a spreadsheet to keep track of our expenses. It took three or four months to get its design to where I wanted it and it was useful. With it I was able to establish a budget by line item and daily to keep track of things.

Give it a try. It really works.

La Gringa said...

Ditto what Larry said. Just do it!