Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 15th and 16th

June 15th
298.03 for Wife's
378.24 for Wife's and mine
30.75 for me (sore throat lozenges)
200lps for seamstress fees for my oldest daughter's uniform for graduation.
38lps for chicken burger for daughter and I as we went to pick up the new uniform
Still pending is my BP medication. which I think will be purchased tonight or tomorrow.
June 16th
50lps for youngest daughter to buy pizza at school during graduation ceremony.
14lps for sodas for lunch
7lps for gift bag for wife's class.
My wallet is empty right now, not a single lempira on it. I have mixed feelings about this. A relief of sorts (very easy to say NO!) but also a sense that I can't buy what is really needed. Every day I see something new.
Sent my invoice today for my morning job payment. Hope it comes thru on or sooner than friday.

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