Sunday, June 14, 2009

More June 14th spending

50lps for oldest daughter
40lps for youngest
200lps for board game for the kids.
96lps for fabric softener
I started entering some numbers on the spreadsheet hoping to be able to use it on my cellphone. It is much harder than I thought it would be to use it on my cellphone. I need 40 hours on a day!
Today I stood my ground when we went to the mall with some of wife's friends. They went into a couple of stores with her and my daughters. Only thing I bought was the fabric softener. Little trinkets they bought on their own allowances. Even the fabric softener I decided to buy two one liter bottles for 96lps rather than the 3 little bottle for 147. One to pay less and two to try different scents instead of having to stick to one scent.
Ending the day without having completed the numbers in the spreadsheet. Tomorrow I have a normal working day so I should find some time then to start entering the first numbers from the blog posts.

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Steve Smith said...

The method of recording all your expenses in detail is like joining a gym or going on a diet. Too much work to keep it up. We're all human. That's why I recommend the difference in balances method. What you have in the bank, in your pocket and credit card balances today versus what you had yesterday is what you spent. Compare month's ends and you have what you spent for the month. Much easier.